Looking for a way out of your nine-to-five job? Worried about getting laid off?  Want to control your own destiny? Do you feel as if you’re meant to be your own boss? Do you want to do something for the rest of your working life that you actually like? Do you want to do something that can actually improve your clients quality of life?  If you’re an animal lover who can relate to the above mentioned scenarios, then maybe you should consider starting a pet business.

Pet businesses could perhaps be one of the few relatively untouched gold mines when it comes to business start-ups. When other markets are over-saturated with competitors, the pet business has the distinct advantage of being the unassuming business around the corner that earns some potentially serious profits no matter what state the economy is in. Once you’ve gotten the hang of starting and maintaining your pet business and keeping it well on its feet, it’s a stress-free and fulfilling occupation.

Contain-A-Pet is one company that encourages people wanting to get started in the pet business as it is always looking for dealers to promote the love of animals and the growth of the pet industry itself. In fact, a dealership with Contain-A-Pet gives you enough firepower on how to start a pet business that you’ll soon be growing your pet business with the opportunities it can give you.

Contain-A-Pet is a company that specializes in making electronic pet containment fences that keep our animal friends safe from harm without hindering its freedom. It also offers its customers professional dog training services so that the pet (and its owner) is well adjusted to each other. It is actually two businesses in one.  Dog training and electronic fencing.

Partnering with Contain-A-Pet not only gives you the license to sell its incredible product, it even gives you the option to offer added services with your pet business. You’ll have the right tools to learn how to start a pet business and you’ll also learn how to train dogs with the professional dog training program provided by Contain-A-Pet.

Working with Contain-A-Pet gives you a market edge as well. This dealership entitles you and only you the license to sell Contain-A-Pet systems in your area. Zero competitors within your vicinity is a privilege rarely given by companies in their dealerships.  By making you a professional dog trainer, you have an edge over your fence competitors as well.  Who would you rather have fence your dog?  Some hourly installer or a professional trainer who knows how to read the personality and the temperament of your pet? Contain-A-Pet is the only company in the world that makes all new dealers become dog trainers.

Contain-A-Pet will give you training and support in the technical, sales, and marketing aspects of your business.   You just have to have that burning desire to succeed.  If you have that burning desire, then starting a business relationship with Contain-A-Pet is virtually risk free.  Your initial investment with Contain-A-Pet is almost completely backed up by your initial inventory and learning to become a professional dog trainer.

If you have an interest, feel free to call 1-800-777-3647 ask for Jim or Tony.  You may also use the contact form below.  Just provide your phone number and the area you are interested in being a dealer in.  Remember, our dealership areas are exclusive.  Once we get a dealer in an area, that territory may not be available again.